Blazor at Codemotion DevCast

da | 17 Feb 2021 | Events

Our CTO Michele Aponte was invited to speak at one of the DevCast meetings organized by Codemotion. He’ll take part in this series of talks which is focused on developers, covering different themes and including a range of speakers who will appear in the various episodes.

Michele’s talk is on February 25 at 5.00 pm and the topic is front-end development with Blazor. During his talk, Michele will tell us about the extraordinary revolution that the Microsoft framework has generated, by bringing .NET development to browsers.

It will be an opportunity to understand how Blazor works, what innovations have been introduced in .NET 5 and what to expect in the upcoming versions. The event is free but you must register at the following link: https://live.codemotion.com/devcast/devcast-italian-edition-25022021.

Absolutely not to be missed, see you there!