Our CTO at CodeGen 2021

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Events

Let’s take a look at the first special event this year. Our CTO Michele Aponte will be participating in the CodeGen 2021 conference, which will be held online on February 13th.

This is a full-day, multitrack conference, which will feature both national and international speakers. It includes a variety of topics ranging from the front-end to the back-end world, passing through architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and includes an entire track entirely focused on live coding.

Michele will host a session at 11.00 on Artificial Intelligence in the front-end world, sharing how we should try to imagine a new User eXperience for our applications that goes beyond the usual pages and forms. He’ll explain how Artificial Intelligence algorithms can make new types of interactions possible. All of this with the extremely practical approach that has always distinguished him: don’t miss it!

The event is free but you must register at this link: https://codegen2021.azurewebsites.net/ticket.

See you there!